Our Vision

Afflix is based on our vision to simplify affiliate marketing. Tailored to minimize both time and resources invested in research, Afflix allows affiliates to focus on what is important: business growth and brand empowerment!

A Vision of

Digital Globalization

Our vision for creating Afflix, an application that can be integrated seamlessly and offer automated, customizable data monitoring, was conceived while scouring the world of iGaming. Realizing that by elevating the digital aspect of life we can increase its quality.

We bring forth an application that allows affiliates to focus on the important aspects of their website: growth and brand empowerment.

At Ginbits, we build together, challenge ourselves as a collective and as individuals, and most importantly, own what we do. We know the future is digital, fast, and lies in the hands of visionaries. This is why we push our boundaries and bring forth innovative ideas to the digital world.

We are Ginbits



We embrace change and innovation as a means of moving forward



There is nothing more reassuring for a person than knowing they are only responsible for what they commit to accomplish



We create, expand and maintain a community of mutual respect and inclusivity



We see problems as solutions that have not been presented yet

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Skyrocket Your Growth

Become synced with Afflix and explore the world of iGaming like never before. Gain access to a massive, constantly updated database, integrate it seamlessly to your affiliate website, and focus on your brand’s empowerment and growth!

Ready to Grow?

Let Afflix pave the way with access to all the data you need and a smooth integration process!