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Created by affiliates for affiliates, Afflix takes your business to the next level, allowing you to focus on what’s important. Your business is one click away from soaring towards growth!

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Join the Afflix experience through simple, easy steps

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Pick the brands you want and feel free to add more later

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Receive constant and trustworthy updates regarding changes in iGaming

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Focus on skyrocketing your business and its growth, reaching higher and higher

Ingredients for Growth

All the Data One Place

All the Data, One Place!

Afflix provides affiliates with the option of looking at one place for information that is important in the world of iGaming. Its database offers you access to all the data you need. In addition, Afflix has a dedicated team updating and maintaining the data, ensuring that your website is always up to date.

One With Your Business

One With Your Business!

Automation is everything. You know it, we know it, and we know you know it! This is why Afflix was created in a way that allows you to fully integrate it into your affiliate website and never worry about missing out on the most important updates in iGaming.




Focus On Your Business

With a constantly updated database and smooth integration, Afflix minimizes your research time and resource costs, letting you focus on your business!

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Pillars of Success

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Focus on empowering your brand while Afflix paves the way for immaculate data monitoring and usage

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Afflix provides you with both the data vault and the keys to craft successful marketing strategies for your websites

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The moment you integrate Afflix into your website, it becomes your digital alter ego. Get instant access to all the latest data

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Thorough and detailed research allow Afflix to provide affiliates with correct and updated information about the iGaming industry

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Let Afflix pave the way with access to all the data you need and a smooth integration process!